Welcome to Trinity Iconography Institute

Welcome to Trinity Iconography Institute, one of the only year-round iconography programs in the US, where we instruct in the ancient tradition of egg tempera, teaching the theology of the icon while providing artistic training.

Year-Round Iconography Instruction

Gilding the Halo of St. Anthony of Egypt

The Trinity Iconography Institute was founded in 1996 with the mission to train individuals of any Christian denomination in the prayerful liturgical aid of iconography.  Students agree to commit to the practice, Canons and Rubrics of iconography according to the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.

We follow in the tradition of a millennium of iconographers by utilizing the same techniques and media in writing this ancient Christian liturgical art. Students enrolling in our program can expect to be artistically and spiritually formed with proper training to create authentic liturgical icons.

The Institute’s work is recognized by Trinity as an integral component of the Cathedral’s Spiritual Formation program. Trinity Iconography Institute is also acknowledged as a Diocesan resource, recognized by the Bishop.

We are located in Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon.


Blessed by the Patriarch of Constantinople

In 2010, the Institute was honored for its work helping to bring icons back into use by Western Churches, through an invitation to a private audience and Blessing with His All Holiness, Bartholomew I, the Patriarch of Constantinople of the Orthodox Church.

Blessed by the Orthodox Patriarch, the Iconography Institute is based at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, where students, instructors and our Director come from different faith communities together in a truly ecumenical setting.

Developing Iconographers to Lead Us to Goodness & Truth Through Beauty

We offer year-round iconography training, week-long intensive summer programs for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students, and specialty workshops for embellishment, lettering, drawing and focal studies for “next level” iconography designed to lead us to goodness and truth through beauty.

Fr. Jon Buffington demonstrates each step for students

Sacred Icons | Ancient Techniques

Christ Pantocrator
~6th Century
St. Catherine’s Monastery, Mt. Sinai
One of the world’s oldest icons