The Myrrh Bearing Women

Name:              The Myrrh Bearing Women

Prototype:         by Leonid Ouspensky

Size:                   40” wide x 48” tall with 2.5” raised panel border

Materials:          Solid birchwood, gessoed, egg tempera and 23.75 karat gold leaf

The theological objective of this icon is to present the Resurrection according to the Gospel, as outlined in the attached description of the icon.

While there are other expressions of the Resurrection in Iconography, this specific theme reveals that the Resurrection was first announced to women, who have been underrepresented throughout history.  We plan to follow the tradition of depicting these women as they were historically, women of color.  This stays true to the Gospel, the Ouspensky prototype, and offers Trinity an opportunity to share this most important message of Christendom in a way that speaks to modern times.